ABL Roots Blowers Pvt Ltd

With a combined workforce experience of over 25 years in the manufacturing of Twin Lobe Roots blowers, ABL Blowers Pvt. Ltd. has entered in the Indian market with a mission to manufacture cost-effective, high quality, energy efficient and environmental friendly root blowers with low maintenance and long life.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company has its sprawling state of the art manufacturing facilities with a production capacity of 1200 blowers per annum aims to become the world’s leading blowers manufacturer meeting global benchmarks in blowers solutions. CEO of ABL Blowers Pvt. Ltd. says, “Our full-fledged R&D division is dedicated to research and development of innovative products with new materials, designs, applications and processes. With an urge to succeed, we believe in innovating and introducing new products and blower solutions that satisfy the market needs with special care while selecting materials and production methods.” The company uses advanced fabrication technology and produces most of the components in-house, ensuring higher quality standards. ABL is among the few pioneers in the world to produce 100% Oil Free Blowers.

ABL Blowers Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide-ranging reliable blower solutions with greater excellence and competence which are used in various applications in all type of industries. Our blowers are largely used for applications like – waste and sewage water treatments, effluent treatment, aquaculture, cement conveying, paper plants, electroplating and so on. The fineness in quality coupled with energy efficiency is the key that differentiates us from others to maintain leadership in global pump industry.

With its headquarters in New Delhi, the company has its branch offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Haryana and Punjab along with the wide network of skilled engineers managing service support centers throughout the nation.